In keeping with our terms of sale, we offer a warranty for 12 months from the date of sale. This refers to the free repair of material and workmanship defects, which were verifiably caused before the sale.

An original purchase document must always be submitted in case of a warranty claim. It has to contain the full address of the dealer, the date of purchase and the type designation of the product. The operating instructions of the particular product and the safety instructions must have been followed.

Damages resulting from operational faults cannot be acknowledged as warranty cases.

The products of the manufacturer have been developed and produced for specific applications. No warranty claim is accepted in case of non-compliance with the due employment according to the operating instructions, in case of the employment for other purposes than originally intended or the employment of inadequate accessories.

The periodical maintenance and cleaning of the products according to the directions of the operating instructions is absolutely necessary. The intervention of third persons (opening the machine) renders any warranty claim void.

Maintenance and cleaning operations cannot be claimed on the basis of warranty.

Make sure only original spare parts and original accessories are used. They are available at the authorized specialized product dealer. If non-original parts are used, consequential damages and increased hazard cannot be ruled out. The producer is not liable for such damages. Disassembled or partially disassembled hand saws and those repaired with non-original parts are excluded from the warranty.

Certain components, such as carbon brushes, ball bearings, switches, power-supply lines, gaskets, etc., are exposed to usage dependent or to normal wear. These wearing parts are not object of this warranty. Wearing parts are marked on the spare parts lists.

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