Since 1949 Dr. Bender has been one of the most innovative technology companies serving professionals in the construction industry. Several of Dr. Bender innovations such as multiple gears, electronic feeding, vacuum technology, high frequency technology has become widely used in the construction industry.

Since 70 years, Dr. Bender manufactures a full range of high quality and high efficiency power tools for professionals.

The story of Dr. Bender is one of innovation and reliability. The founder in 1949, Wilhelm Bender, wanted to make the best and most reliable power tools in the world. To fulfill his dream, he founded the Wilhelm Bender Maschinenfabrik in Calw, Germany.

During the first years he manufactured steel drilling machines. In the 1970s, his son Dr. Bernard Bender, continued to create new one and three phase core drilling machines. In 1970 Dr. Bender created the world first six gears power tool in the world.

As of 1992 Dr. Bender was the first company to create and manufacture high frequency technology for the construction industry professional.
Since 1949 Dr. Bender has invented several of the world innovations for professionals in the construction industry. Today Dr. Bender serves customers in the construction, firefighting, robotics and aerospace industries.

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