Core drilling machine with triphase motor, rig mounted

  • Core drilling machine, compact, powerfull, in full metall execution
  • Rotor is hand- wound, for maximum filling degree of copper. More copper means more power and better constancy of temperature, consequently better efficiency factor
  • Protection switch respectively overload protection
  • Gear protection via mechanical clutch
  • 3 speed gear in oil bath
  • Precise justify via water level bubble for horizontaland vertical drillings
  • Water connection mountable in different positions

Technical datas EBL33L PQ6
Power input 2500W
Power output 1950
Voltage/ Frequency 230V/ 50-60 Hz
Rated speed min-1 300/520/ 1700
Rated torque Nm 55/ 19/ 10
Drilling range mm 20- 250 mm
Drill bit connection PQ6
Collar Ø 60mm
Dimensions mm 562×100×150
Weight 6,5kg
Hole pattern for mounting Standard (4xM8, Key Slot 10×5mm)
Order Number 201193

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